BSNL Number Check Code: How to Know BSNL Number?

bsnl number check code
bsnl number check code

Do not worry if you are among the numerous people who are unable to recall their own BSNL mobile number; there are a few easy techniques to locate it. USSD codes and the internet make it simple to find out and verify your BSNL number check code. Calling another number and writing down the digits that show on the other mobile device’s screen is another easy method for verifying a BSNL number. It’s that easy! If you do not have the necessary funds, continue reading to learn the procedures you must take in order to verify your BSNL number.

How to Check and Know BSNL Number Code?

You may find your BSNL SIM card number in a few different ways:

Method 1: Process to Check BSNL Number Using USSD Codes

You may quickly find out your cellphone number by using one of the several USSD codes that BSNL gives. Additional information such as remaining balance, validity, data, and more may be found with the help of the USSD codes. To get the information, all you need to do is combine the USSD codes correctly. Thus, in the event that you can’t remember your BSNL number, you can do the following:

  • Go to the Dialer option after opening your phone application.
  • Enter *1# using the BSNL number you have registered. To check your BSNL number, use this USSD code.
  • A flash message displaying the BSNL mobile number will be sent to you.

To find out the mobile number, there are further bsnl number check code available. For the same, below is a list:

  • *2#
  • *222#
  • *888#
  • *785#
  • *555#
  • 5552#
  • *888#
  • 8881#for bsnl

Method 2: Process for BSNL Number Check Code Online Using the BSNL App

You may check your BSNL number online via the BSNL app, which can also be used to track many other services like recharge. However, kindly note that you may only use the My BSNL app to confirm your phone number once you have installed and registered it for the first time. To use the app without any issues and to authenticate your BSNL number online, just follow the steps listed below:

  • Look for the My BSNL app on the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • Install the application after downloading it.
  • After installation, use your cellphone number to log in for the first time (if you don’t know your mobile number, use the USSD code option for BSNL number check described above).
  • An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your mobile device when you input your BSNL number.
  • To finish the app’s login procedure, enter the OTP.
  • Your cell number will be shown on the app’s main screen, so you may view it whenever and wherever you are once you have entered into the BSNL app.

Method 3: Process for BSNL Number Check Code By Calling Customer Care

Speaking with BSNL customer service will allow you to verify your BSNL number as well. You may locate your personal phone number and more by contacting BSNL customer service for assistance with any issues pertaining to your BSNL connection. 

Here’s how to carry it out:

  • Use one of the following numbers to reach the BSNL mobile toll-free helpline:
  1. 1800-180-1503
  2. 1503
  • Choose the option to check your balance. 
  • It will read out your cellphone number and the balance on your account. 
  • To get your phone number, you may also get in touch with a customer service representative. 

Method 4: Use Your Device Settings to Check Your BSNL Number

Use these procedures to find the BSNL sim card number on your Android device:

  • Navigate to the “settings” app.
  • The “About Phone” link is located at the bottom of the page.
  • There will be a phone number area on the screen that follows.
  • Your 10-digit BSNL mobile number is shown below.

The procedures alter significantly when using an Apple device. To find the specifics of your iOS smartphone’s mobile number, you may perform the following:

  • On your mobile device, navigate to the Settings area.
  • Go with “Phone.”
  • Click “My Number.”
  • Your 10-digit phone number will now show on the screen.

Method 5: Check BSNL Number by Calling another Number or Sending an SMS

The most straightforward and conventional method of verifying a BSNL number is to make a call to another phone or send an SMS. But to do this, you must have a working plan. If not, use the previously suggested USSD codes and internet method to find and verify your BSNL number.

Process To Check BSNL Mobile Number Owner Details Online

You may use this way to locate your BSNL phone number if you own a desktop or laptop. Please be aware that using this approach requires a data pack and a basic understanding of the internet. Let’s examine the necessary actions:

  • Go to to access the BSNL web portal first.
  • Navigate to the “Sign In” menu item located at the top.
  • Enter your password and user ID now. (If you’re new, create an account to get your password and user ID.)
  • The “SIGN IN” option can be used to access your BSNL Postpaid or Prepaid account.
  • You are now signed into your GSM/CDMA account with BSNL.
  • To find out your BSNL SIM number, go to your dashboard.


Even if it’s not always simple to remember, telecom companies like BSNL have fortunately developed a number of techniques that make it simple to verify our BSNL mobile number. To find your BSNl number check code in a number of ways, just follow the instructions in this blog article. Customers may also contact BSNL customer service representatives to inquire about CDMA, GSM, internet, landline, and other services.