Capital Raised $9 Million in a Seed 2 Funding Round


Popular fundraising organization, Hum Capital has raised $9 Million in a seed 2 Funding round for upgrading its “Capital Machine” platform. Investors in this deal include AMI Cloud Ventures as the lead while having Future Ventures, Wavemaker Partners, Greycroft, and Partech as other investors. Individuals like Howard Morgan and   Stuart Roden also participated in the seed funding round. The “capital machine” is using Artificial Intelligence as the leading tech stack.

About Capital

Hum Capital was co-founded in October 2019 by Blair Silverberg, Csaba Concoly, and Chris Olivares with the mission to optimize the process of investing and fundraising for other start-ups using a smart and efficient approach combined with Artificial Intelligence.

Currently, it is dealing with cloud-based “Capital-as-a-service” and has a platform for fundraising known as “Capital Machine”. Capital Machine is turning the tables on existing fundraising by giving an augmented and optimized approach to funding start-ups within a small amount of time.

It takes data from businesses and gives them numerous options for funding suitable for the company and the entire process is done within a fraction of a minute. Hum capital allows businesses to connect with their preferred and suitable investor and uses the Software as a Service category to tie up with capital investors.

He is diversifying and improving the economic conditions and focusing on the growth of businesses. Some excellent investors on the platform include Yardline Capital, Triple Point Capital, and Peak Rock Capital. The AI-based tool provides optimistic results and analytics for the business to make it more performable and assist it in surpassing the previously raised revenue levels.

At the time of its foundation, it started with a capital of $100 Million in the balance sheet to be distributed in the form of a loan to desired and eligible start-ups. With an average annual revenue of more than $3 Billion, the start-up is performing efficiently in the early months of its foundation. Some eligibility conditions are there that need to be fulfilled by the businesses regarding the annual revenue generated to get the loan.

Blair Silberberg, former investor of Threshold Ventures and the  Chief Executive Officer of  Hum Capital will update its users regarding some great financing declarations. He pointed out that most of the venture-based funding is only accessible to start-ups that are larger in volume and smaller companies found themselves left out in terms of financing. 

They are building a great alternative to equity funding that can be easily accessed by small-cap firms for their growth and benefit.  The current technology stack used by the organization is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and a cloud-based Software-as-a-service platform.

In addition to this, Silverberg said that “The capital market is very generalized”. The company is more focused on tech-based Startups in the very starting but there is much more to add. Smart Insights and analytics of the businesses are provided with the platform without costing a single buck and they can go for the loan accordingly which has been provided to them within a day only.

He praised tech companies by saying they are not so risky these days. From Software-as-a-service platforms and businesses to insurance and multiple other domains, Hum Capital can acknowledge all of them according to the co-founder Silverberg.

About Capital Machine

The recently raised funding of $9 Million will be used to upgrade its Artificial Intelligence-based fundraising platform “Capital Machine”. The overall process of investing will be advanced and businesses can get hassle-free loans and investments at a speedy pace with reasonable interest.

The major focal point for businesses is to improve and enhance the growth of their firms. The vision will benefit desired companies to a great extent. With this, they will be releasing some amazing news related to financing in the coming months as said by the CEO.

Steve Jurveston who has previously worked with Blair Steveburg and is the founder of Future Ventures has avoided investing in such firms and is now interested in funding Hum Capital said that he shares a high degree of trust with Steveburg and “It’s a deep business relationship”.

He termed the use of Excel sheets in funding from investors’ point of view a “worst strategy” and praised the use of technology for the same and the transparency formed in the market by “Capital Machine”. He added that it would eliminate multiple problems from the previous system to a big extent including favoring any firm by an investor.  Future Ventures is an investment company, founded in 2018 and is located in Los Altos, California.  

AME Cloud Ventures, which is a chief investor in this deal was founded in 2012 by Jerry Yang and it majorly deals in early and seed-stage funding. Jerry Yang is also a co-founder of Nick Adams of AME Cloud Ventures said that AI, Machine learning, and classification algorithms have contributed to Hum Capital to provide funding without that extreme dilution. This will make the funding process much more easier and efficient for start-ups.

Before this round, Hum Capital received its first investment of $5 Million in a seed funding round with some major investors in the market. The total capital raised in funding to date is $14 Million.

Hum Capital has built itself as a good alternative to traditional equity funding companies and is providing loans and capital to numerous businesses out there. Artificial Intelligence plays a major role in the market value, the firm has gained to date.